Created in 2006, the National Observatory of Human Development (ONDH) is an independent institution of an advisory nature whose main mission is to evaluate the impact of projects, programs and actions in the field of human development in Morocco.

The Observatory's work is structured around several thematic areas, including education, health, inclusion, governance and the economy. Through the exercise of its attributions, the Observatory aims to contribute to the development of a more advanced practice of human development.

Today, the ONDH has major assets, which should be remembered:

  • The development of a high level internal expertise in monitoring and evaluation of the evolution of human development in Morocco;
  • The design of an efficient system for measuring human development indicators;
  • The emergence of the ONDH as a place for scientific debate and reflection on the current challenges of human development in Morocco;
  • The role of the ONDH as a key player in the monitoring and evaluation of public policies for human development and support for national capacity building.