The National Observatory of Human Development has been asked by Senegal to support and accompany it in its project to set up a territorial information system as a tool for decision support and territorial intelligence, through a mission of exchange and sharing of experiences from March 1 to 7, 2020 in Dakar.

Indeed, and given its accumulated expertise in information systems, the Islamic Development Bank "IDB" has recommended the National Observatory of Human Development "ONDH" to the UNDP Office, to support Senegal and make a success of the implementation of this information system.

This mission is a continuation of a first exchange visit, which was scheduled from July 22 to 26, 2019 for a high-level Senegalese delegation within the ONDH and whose objective was to enrich the reflection initiated by Senegalese actors through the experience of the National Observatory of Human Development in setting up its information system "Al Bacharia".

The Kingdom of Morocco was represented by a delegation led by Mr. El MANSOURI El Hassan, Secretary General of the ONDH and composed of Mrs. AFFAQ Chafika, from the UNDP Office in Morocco, Mr. BAGUAR Abdelilah, professor of the Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, as well as Mr. HAMADI Abdelfettah and Mrs. ABOUHAZIM Fadwa of the ONDH.

This mission took place in three main stages:

  1. A framework for debate in order to see the elements of success of the implementation of a SIT in Senegal through meetings and exchanges with the various Senegalese actors working in the field of the implementation of information systems;
  2. A workshop for the exchange of experiences on the implementation of a territorial information system to examine and enrich the existing systems, with the participation of all stakeholders;
  3. And a meeting with His Excellency the Minister of Territorial Collectivities, Development and Territorial Planning and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Senegal.

During this mission, the Moroccan delegation met with representatives of a number of Senegalese institutions working in the field of IS to see the elements of success and then propose ways to support the establishment of a territorial information system in Senegal based on the Moroccan experience of the ONDH.

The various exchanges allowed the delegation to have a clear idea on the mapping of the main actors working on the implementation of IS in Senegal, the levels of convergence and synergies, the strengths as well as the aspects for which improvements will have to be made.

In addition, an exchange workshop on Moroccan and Senegalese experiences in setting up a territorial information system was organized on March 5 and 6 under the chairmanship of the Minister of Territorial Communities, Development and Land Management, during which a draft roadmap for the project to set up the SIT was proposed and then validated by all stakeholders.

During this event, the Moroccan delegation shared and highlighted, through two presentations, the key elements of a successful experience of SIT implementation, namely the ONDH, which now provides real-time data and operational and decision-making indicators at different territorial scales for better decision-making. And secondly, an experience of conducting a pioneering study within the framework of a partnership between the Moulay Ismail University of Meknes and the ONDH, on the human development profile of the Fez-Meknes region, based on the development of a composite index.

The expertise developed by ONDH and the maturity of its information system were highly appreciated during this mission. Morocco's experience in setting up a high-performance evaluation system is now a case of good practice in the context of strengthening the decision-making system in Senegal.

At the end of this mission, the agreement in principle for the signature of the framework agreement between the ONDH, the General Directorate of Planning and Economic Policies and the Directorate for the Promotion of Territorial Development of Senegal as well as the Offices of the two UNDP countries was signed. In addition, a specific convention will be established to define the modalities of cooperation between the ONDH, the Moulay Ismail University of Meknes and the Cheikh Anta DIOP University in order to organize scientific workshops, conduct joint studies and evaluations and establish exchange visits between students from the two respective countries.