Istanbul, October 16-20, 2017- A delegation of the NHRI participated in the Conference "National Evaluation Capacities" under the theme "People, Planet and Progress in the era of SDOs". The conference provided an opportunity for sharing experiences and learning among the different actors directly and indirectly involved in the evaluation of SDOs. Co-organizer of the first NEC conference in 2009, the Observatory was designated to attend and participate in the 2017 edition in order to share Morocco's experience in the evaluation of public policies related to Human Development. Given its experience and participation in previous editions, the ONDH was asked to make an evaluation of the NEC 2017 conference. The latter will subsequently be consolidated in the "lessons learned" chapter of the conference proceedings.

The delegation, chaired by the Secretary General of ONDH, was composed of ONDH executives and the Deans and professors of the University Moulay Ismail of Meknes and Mohammed 1st of Oujda.

During this conference, the ONDH presented the different evaluation tools it has developed during the session "Evaluation and Innovation for Sustainable Development". The Secretary General also highlighted the efforts made by Morocco in this area, the opportunities as well as the challenges of implementing SDOs.

The NHRO also shared its experience in the creation of a Master's degree in evaluation of public policies, and in capacity building of research professors from the University Moulay Ismail of Meknes and the University Mohammed I of Oujda during the session "Advances and Innovation in Evaluation". Indeed, despite the institutionalization of the practice of evaluation and an increased dissemination of the culture of evaluation in recent years, Morocco did not have its own academic training in this area. The Observatory's support for the creation of a Master's degree in public policy evaluation within these two Universities was considered an innovative approach in Morocco.

The delegation also participated in the workshop on Improving the use of evaluation data by decision-makers within the government. It focused on the different conceptualizations of the use of evaluation, the process of elaboration of public development policies as well as the factors at play for an influential evaluation.